A Rainy Day Catch Up

Last night I was looking at the weather forecast for today and thinking about changing my little schedule around due to the rain.  The forecast was for clearing showers however this is Melbourne and it has rained pretty much all day.

The kids, Samson and I didn't get to do our usual morning walk to school and had to take the car instead.  After the school drop off I returned home to a fairly edgy pooch who just wanted his walk.  Another check of the weather radar and I could see a small gap so about an hour later I seized the opportunity.  Halfway through the rain came down once again.  You know that really 'wet' type of rain.  Samson was in his element of course.  I was absolutely drenched with soggy socks and all.  A dry set of clothes the second I arrived home plus a quick towel dry of the hair and it was onto the cooking.

Tonight's dinner is one which can be made ahead and probably tastes better that way too.  I enjoy cooking when it's raining and gloomy outside.  I made a Curried Beef Rice which left a beautiful warm feel and lovely aroma throughout the house.

I'm sure this will warm them up tonight.

I kept a little rice aside before adding to the pan for our chickens.  They love their rice especially on a cold, wet day. 

Good to see them sharing too.

They have surprised me today.  I know if I was them I would be inside the coop where it is dry and warm.  Nope, they have spent most of the day out in the rain.  They have fresh water and food hanging inside the coop so they have been in and out however mainly scratching around outside.

The veggies have been dancing in the rain too.  I'm growing my first ever broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower which look healthy and strong.  I was tickled pink when I saw the first sign of a broccoli emerging about two weeks ago.  I try hard not to look at it every day but today I had a sneak peak and it is bigger.  Those leaves will also be used in cooking.

My first little broccoli.
Hoping to see a little cabbage soon.

Our kids went back to school this week after a two week break.  The winter holidays are usually our best ones with pyjama days, baking, being together all warm and cosy and these holidays have been just that.

The holidays were also a great opportunity for many driving lessons for our son.  Both of our cars are manual which is even better.  We've practiced parking, handbrake starts and driven in all sorts of conditions.  The more hours we can give him over the next two years the better.

Our daughter and I spent a lovely few days together on our little city escape as well as baking of course.  There was also plenty of time to try and beat her all time record of completing the rubik's cube.  She can tick that one off her to do list.  Another record time for her.

Very impressive.

Completed in record time.

Quite amazing to watch her solve the cube as it really looks like she is just twisting and turning any which way.  She is so fast and then all of a sudden it is complete.

On top of the school holildays, veggies and animals our coffee table has been busy with games of Rummikub, cross stitch and reading.  I have just finished my very first Jane Austen book 'Sense and Sensibility'.  I've been wanting to read one of her books for quite a while now however I'll probably leave it at that as it just wasn't for me.  In between novels  I usually read a reference type book and am currently reading Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ.  I love her style of writing.  She keeps you entertained and it is so interesting.  Her sister is the illustrator and some of the pictures are quite a bit of fun.  I was reading this book on the train Monday and was on a page with a rather interesting illustration.  It left me wondering what someone may think when peering over my shoulder.  Could start up an interesting conversation.

Looking forward to watching these DVDs too.

My cross stitch is coming along slowly but surely.  It is a very complicated one however it is progressing

I love the evenings curled up with my favourite things and relaxing.

That wraps up my little 'Rainy Day Catch Up' and it's just about time for me to head to that cosy couch.

Muesli Biscuits

On Monday our kids returned to school after their mid year break.  Perfect opportunity for our daughter to do some baking.  Without my assistance she made these lovely Muesli Cookies.  I found the recipe link and idea from JulieLou's blog

As she began reading the recipe and prepping I asked her to pretend that I'm not here and reminded her that she can work through it all on her own.  A few times she asked for some clarification however I just encouraged her to read the recipe and trust in herself.  Well that she did and she is so happy with her cookies.

We had all of the ingredients except for the dried apricots so she added a few extra sultanas.

Muesli Biscuits

Menu Plan 9th July - 15th July

This week has included a lot of freezer meals which I had put away.  Our kids spent the first half of the week at Nan and Pop's so I utilised the freezer.

We were all home Sunday night and I had a big batch of bolognese sauce in the freezer which I had defrosted overnight.  All I needed to do was boil the pasta and heat up the sauce.  They love their Spaghetti Bolognese.

As the kids were heading to Mum and Dad's from Monday to Thursday I wanted to send something with them.  On Sunday my daughter and I made this scrumptious Apple Slice which was a big winner.

New Look Blog

Well that was a busy few days working away on my new blog template.  I found it easier to work on one step at a time and to take many breaks.  A few times I just needed to walk away if I became a little stuck and then when I returned things seemed to flow once again.

My little teapot was my companion.  I take mason jars to our local organic shop and have them filled with dried herbs.  Yesterday I had chamomile and passion flower brewing.  Very calming.   Today I had another mix which was hibiscus and cinnamon, my favourite.  Love the colour too.  I really wanted to enjoy updating my blog hence the teapot and regular breaks and it worked.  I've enjoyed, gained a lot more knowledge and am feeling a little more confident with navigating my way around and making changes.  I've had to step out of my comfort zone a few times which to me is another gain.

Hibiscus and Cinnamon Tea.

There are a few more little tweaks and obstacles I need to work through however the majority is now complete.  Hoping everyone can see everything clearly and thank you so much for all of your comments.  They really are encouraging.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Date Slice

Once again I have my cookbook 'The Country Table' in action.  I've made so many recipes from this book I am now thinking I should start at the first recipe and work my way through the whole book.  

This is the first time I've made a Date Slice however it certainly won't be the last.  We have just sliced it and the smell alone is divine.  It has that homemade cake shop smell if that makes sense.  

Date Slice

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